IronGrip AB has completed a pioneering work to bring the next generation of wire fastening products to the market. The new products utilizes new development ideas as well as half a century’s experience combined with state-of-the-art development tools. The result is superior efficiency and adaptation to modern lifting technology.

Strategy and Vision

  • Maintain and develop the company core values: Safety and Quality
  • Continue the technical development of existing and new products
  • Provide highest level of customer service
  • Expand markets to cover all of Europe and targeted markets globally


After a few serious accidents with bridges in Sweden during 1940, caused by the use of U-bolt wire fittings, the Swedish engineer Mr Lundqvist was inspired during a trip in the USA where he saw some ideas to solve the U-bolt problem. Mr Lundqvist later developed and patented the first wire clamp of this kind in Europe. This product and others based on this technology became the basis of a company that soon became the market leader in the Nordic countries. The company was family owned for almost 40 years.


In 2003 the family left the ownership to new private owners with a strong technological background. With new leadership the focus turned to product development, refining technology and an enhanced focus on safety and security. This was done by adapting to international standards, introducing quality certification with traceability, approval testing and comprehensive documentation. The objective is to maintain the 50 year long tradition bringing safety, reliability and quality into the future.

New EU-directives has prevented use of simpler fittings (e.g. U-bolts) for lifting applications. These new directives matches IronGrip’s range of products perfectly and makes the products even more interesting for the wire ropes manufacturer and installation entrepreneurs all over the world.