Most on-site fastening of wire ropes are done with thimbles and wire clamps. The IronGrip KK-100 Thimble Clamp simplifies this fitting dramatically with better security compared to the traditional fitting.

Compare the fitting of a conventional thimble and two (or even three or more) wire clamps with that of IronGrip’s KK-100. Instead of having three, four or more parts to keep track of and four to eight nuts to tighten, all that is needed is one single component and two nuts. It is simple and quick, requires less wire space, and gives a lighter installation than the conventional solution!

The Thimble Clamp is at least as effective as IronGrip’s wire clamp at securing fastenings without damaging the ropes. The quality of the material and the surface treatment allows the clamp to do its job year after year, and even enables it to be used repeatedly with no compromise on safety.

You will find product presentation and mounting instructions for download here.