IronGrip is developing and marketing products for a broad variety of fastening applications for ropes and wires. Choose the products you are interested in.

BG-100 is the new Wire Clamp from IronGrip that only needs 2 clamps for each fixation. Approved for dynamic lifting. Covers wire diameters 5-34 mm.

Small but strong, the BG-S Wire Clip has a unique combination of smart design and quality material to make it approved for dynamic lifting. Covers wire diameters 2-6 mm.

Fast mounting with retained security. The new KK-100 Thimble Clamp is the best choice for quick, safe and compact wire fixations approved for all lifting applications. Covers wire diameters 5-20 mm.

The new Eyedog product reduces risks when handling bundles of pipes and casings. It chokes the sling at lifting and keeps it chokes when put down. The Eyedog is designed specifically for the purpose of lifting bundles safely.

The new product portfolio offers a range of different cutters for wire dimension up to 30 mm. Easy operation and small size that fits in any tool-box.